History of the “Rad Society”

The Rad Society was founded in 1956. At the time of its twenty-first anniversary in 1977, a commemorative booklet was produced, and another at the time of its fortieth anniversary in 1996. Some excerpts from these booklets are available by clicking on the following links:

21st Anniversary Booklet
40th Anniversary Booklet

For the 40th Anniversary booklet, Dr Keith Halnan, a Founder Member, wrote a short personal memoir of the history of the Society. This is reproduced in the form of a scanned copy from the booklet (click here).

Here is a list of the officers of the Society from its founding until 2008, when it merged with the “51” Club (we are missing some records – mainly more recent ones! – at the time of writing):


1956-1982 Dr T J Deeley (Founder)
1982-1987 Dr George Wiernik
1987-1993 Dr Thelma Bates
1993-1999 Dr Margaret Spittle
1999-2004 Dr J T Roberts
2004-2008 Dr Michael Moriarty
2008 (Merger with “51 Club”) to date: Dr John Glees


1956-1957 Dr D N Edwards, Dr R Parfitt (Joint)
1958 Dr B T Hale, Dr R Parfitt, Dr D Crowley

1956-1957 Dr D N Edwards, Dr R Parfitt (Joint)
1958 Dr B T Hale, Dr R Parfitt, Dr D Crowley
1959 Dr H M Mellor, Dr R L Morgan
1960 no meetings
1961-1972 Dr D N Edwards
1972-1979 Dr D J Mahy
1979-1984 Dr F Kelly
1984-1987 Dr Thelma Bates
1987-1994 Dr R D Hunter
1994-1999 Dr D A L Morgan
1999-2004 Dr P Dunlop
2004- Dr A Goodman


A list of all the Society’s meetings from inauguration to 1996 is on a separate page (click). (Use of the “Zoom” facility may help in viewing this), and a few photos are also available: click here We are keen to receive photos from past meetings of the Group for inclusion in this archive, and members are urged to send in any that they have, particularly group photos.

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