Why “Rad/51”?

Our Society was formed as a merger of two pre-existing visiting clubs in 2009. The purpose of both previous organisations was to bring together groups of “Radiotherapists” in regular meetings to be hosted at the Centres of individual members.

The 1951 Radiotherapy Club was formed in November 1951 to provide a forum for Consultants. The first meeting was held in Liverpool, under the chairmanship of Dr Fraser and the plan was to have a total of 51 members. Overseas meetings were established even at that time, with visits to Paris and Dublin. Meetings in the U.K. were also held once or twice a year at different radiotherapy departments.

The Rad Society was founded at a meeting held on 9th December 1956 at the Hammersmith Hospital, as a visiting society for “sub consultants”. In those days these were Senior Registrars and Senior Hospital Medical officers (SHMO’s). Under the founding Chairmanship of Dr Tom Deeley, the Society immediately flourished, and continued to do so for the next 50 years, with regular 6 monthly meetings held almost unfailingly, at different host institutions throughout the UK and Ireland, and occasionally further afield. As the founding members attained Consultant status, very few elected to move on to one of the existing “Consultant” Societies, so gradually the nature of the membership changed to that of predominantly Consultants. Some archival material is contained in this link (click here).

During the early years of the 21st century, attendance at meetings of both societies was waning and discussions were held about a possible merger.  This was formally approved at a joint meeting held in Edinburgh in May 2009. The new organisation has adopted the name “Rad/51”, has held regular joint meetings and, with renewed vigour has plans for an exciting programme of visits over the next few years.

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