Minutes, Bangkok Meeting, 10th November 2014

As the Chairman, John Glees, had been the host of this meeting the secretary, Sid Arnott, welcomed the 17 members present and thanked John for organising not only a most stimulating scientific programme but also a great social occasion as well.

Trevor Roberts

The secretary reminded everyone of the recent sad death of Trevor Roberts. He had of course been Chairman of the Rad Society and one of its most active members.
Tony Branson presented a short tribute to Trevor describing not only the great character that he was, but also mentioned the significant contribution he had made to both research and treatment of patients with bladder cancer.
It was agreed that at the Autumn Meeting in Newcastle 2015 a named lecture would be given in his honour, to which his widow would be invited.

Glasgow Minutes

The Chairman thanked Hosney and Noelle for arranging such a splendid weekend in Glasgow in May 2014. Hosney had proved to be an excellent negotiator with all the organisations concerned, so that there was no cost whatsoever for the Society from the meeting. Thanks were also expressed to Noelle for so kindly allowing us all to have lunch on the Sunday in her house. The Minutes of the Glasgow meeting were then approved.


The secretary presented the list of members that he had, together with their appointments. He asked whether anyone was aware of any errors so that he could be sure that his list was correct.
The secretary then indicated that he would write to those members, from whom he had not heard recently, asking if they still wished their names to be on the membership list. Following this it was proposed that the updated membership list should be posted on the website.
There was then discussion about the need to look for new members. It was pointed out that there were many areas of the country without any representation in the Society and it was suggested that those members who knew colleagues working in the unrepresented centres might contact them asking them if they would wish to join the Society and if so, bringing their names to the next meeting.

CPD points

The Chairman pointed out that the College had provisionally granted 4 CPD points for the scientific meeting. He is going to confirm this with the College and notification will subsequently be sent to attending members.

Future Meetings

It was agreed that the Meetings for 2015 should be held in the UK. Diana Tait and John Glaholm have kindly agreed to host the Spring/Summer Meeting which will be held at the Royal Marsden Hospital Fulham Road on the weekend of the 5th/6th June.
Wendy Taylor and Tony Branson also kindly agreed to host the Autumn Meeting in Newcastle. As soon as the date is finalised, notification will be sent out to all members.
It was also proposed that, in the Spring of 2016, arrangements would be made to have a Meeting in Europe.

At the close of the Meeting Wendy Makin presented John with a book in which she had arranged for all members present to write an individual page describing their memories of the visit to Bangkok. As an introduction Sunny, our most talented artist, provided a painting he had created of the wonderful view we all had from the hotel, of the river below. He was also arranging to provide all those attending with copies of this painting as a special memento of our visit.

Members Present -: Sunny Myint, Sid Arnott, Wendy Makin, Wendy Taylor, Jonathan Nicoll, Clive Irwin, Mary Quigley, Tony Branson, Carmel Coulter, Eric Bessell, John Glaholm, John Glees, Audrey Champion, Dave Morgan, Diana Tait, Margaret Spittle, Hosney Yosef.

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