Leeds, November 2016

Minutes of the Autumn Meeting, Leeds, November 19th, 2016

John Glees, our Chairman thanked David Sebag-Montefiore for providing such an outstanding scientific programme. He also commented on how high the standard of all the talks had been, which had stimulated much discussion. 29 members attended and apologies from a further 14 were received ( see list below). David Is currently negotiating with the College over the number of CPD points to be awarded for the meeting.

Notes from Geneva

A brief resume of the Society visit to CERN in April 2016 had previously been circulated. The College awarded three CPD points for the meeting.

New arrangements for the awarding of CPD points.

The secretary pointed out that there was to be a new arrangement for the awarding of CPD points which is to be essentially self regulated. This means that course organisers will award CPD points according to guidelines laid down by the College. This in essence means that there will be one CPD point allocated for each hour of scientific meeting. For those of you who have not received the documentation from the College explaining these changes Sid could arrange to send out the relevant documentation.

It was felt that one of our membership needed to act as a central liaison person for the new system and Wendy Makin kindly agreed to fulfil this role.


At present we have around 50 active members and the attendances at recent meetings confirms the success of the Society. However it was agreed that we do need to attract some younger members. There then followed much discussion which indicated that consultants with young families might find it difficult to fit in all their various commitments and still attend Rad51 meetings.

The secretary pointed out that sadly a number of proposed members did not reply to invitations to join and he emphasised the need to make sure that those being proposed really did wish to become members. He also suggested that, if possible, we should try to attract new members from centres where currently we do not have any representative. It was good to see that Adrian Crellin from Leeds, a former Rad Society member, had joined us again.

At the completion of this discussion a number of names of potential new members were put forward, all of whom had expressed a genuine interest in joining the Society.
They are as follows -:

Dr Claire Blesing, Oxford, proposed by Saif Awaad. ( she has subsequently accepted the invitation to join the Society.

Prof Malcolm Mason, Cardiff, who had been previously proposed. He has since confirmed his interest in the Society.

Dr Natasha Mithal, Maidstone, proposed subsequently by Mary Quigley, has also confirmed her interest.

Dr Martin Hogg, Preston, Proposed by Wendy Taylor.

Future Meetings

Spring 2017 Milton Keynes
Craig MacMillan has very kindly agreed to fill the gap next Spring which arose because of the rescheduling of the Japan meeting. The meeting will be held at Genesiscare in Milton Keynes. It is hoped that the social programme will include visits to Bletchley Park and Woburn Abbey. As soon as further details are available they will be circulated. The originally planned date was to have been 27th May, but because of hotel problems this has now been changed to 3rd June. ( please note the new date)

Autumn 2017 Japan
John Glees presented confirmed dates for our Japan meeting to be held in Nagoya on 30th October. He also presented a short itinerary centred around the meeting which might be suitable for working members. He pointed out for those who were wishing to include Japan within a wider Far East tour it was essential to make sure that arrangements were made to be in Nagoya on 30th and 31st October.

Further future meetings are planned for -:
Worcester (Clive Irwin);
Hull (Amandeep Dhadda);
Birmingham ( Indy Fernando);
Myanmar (Sunny).

The exact dates for these meetings are yet to be finalised, but it is exciting that we have such interesting venues to look forward to.

Future Secretary

Sid had already announced his intention to stand down as secretary of the Society after the Leeds meeting. Unfortunately Audrey has not been able to undertake the role at this time. Should anyone be willing to take on the role could they let Sid know.

Sid Arnott, Saif Awaad,Thelma Bates, Eric Bessell, Audrey Champion, David Cole, Adrian Crellin, Sian Davies, Amandeep Dhadda, Peter Dunlop, Ros Eeles, Indy Fernando, James Gildersleve, John Glees, Robin Hunter, Craig Macmillan, Jane Maher, Wendy Makin, Dave Morgan, Michael Moriarty, Jonathan Nicoll, Alan Rodger, David Sebag-Montefiore, Ian Pedley, Mike Sokal, Sunny, Diana Tait, Roger Taylor, Wendy Taylor.

Rajiv Agrawal, Tony Branson, Roger Buchanan, David Collins, Carmel Coulter, Perric Crellin, Doug Errington, John Glaholm, David Guthrie, Robert Huddart, Theo Joannides, Mary Quigley, Margaret Spittle, Hosney Yosef