Minutes of Autumn 2017 Meeting, Nagoya, Japan

Minutes of the Autumn Meeting, Nagoya, Japan October 30th 2017
The Secretary, Sid Arnott, thanked John Glees, our Chairman for organising what proved to be an outstanding scientific programme.

12 members attended and apologies were received from a further 16. ( see list below)

The meeting took the form of a Joint Symposium with the Chubu Radiation Oncology group of Japan. This group was established in 2003 and scientific meetings are held annually. The Symposium with the Rad51 Society was an extra scientific meeting with the Japanese group. Eight young Japanese scientists, from across Japan, presented papers, most of which had been poster presentations at ASTRO in San Diego, 2017. Four of our Society members also gave presentations at the meeting and a further four acted as Joint Chairpersons for the talks.

As the meeting was a full day Symposium, followed by a visit to the Proton Centre, it was felt that five CPD points should be allocated to the meeting.

Minutes of the Milton Keynes meeting

The secretary presented a summary of the Minutes of the Milton Keynes meeting which had already been circulated to the membership.

Future meetings

Spring 2018. Henley
The next meeting of the Society is to be held in Henley hosted by James Gildersleve. Plans for this meeting are well advanced and the preliminary details have been circulated to everyone

Autumn 2018. Worcester
Clive Irwin has kindly agreed to host the Autumn meeting next year. The date of this has yet to be finally established.

January/February 2019. Myanmar
Sunny is visiting Myanmar in December of this year and proposes to make some preliminary arrangements for the meeting, to be held in Spring 2019. As soon as further information is available this will be circulated to everyone.

Details of future meetings are posted on the Society website www.rad51.org.


The secretary raised the topic of the membership of the Society. Currently there are 59 members on the Society list. The secretary indicated that he proposed to write to all members asking for up to date information and whether each individual wished to remain a member of the Society. He pointed out that there are gaps in representation of a number of Centres around the country. He suggested that we should concentrate our efforts in trying to attract new members from those areas of the country, where currently there is no representation. In particular; The South West of England; The South Coast; East Anglia; Ireland and Scotland. It is necessary that any new members being proposed should also be seconded and the name presented to the next meeting of the Society for approval.

Membership fees

The secretary indicated that he intended to write to all members asking if they would be prepared to set up a standing order for the membership of £30 if they had not already done so.

There being no other business the meeting closed and was followed by the scientific meeting.

Present: Sid Arnott, Eric Bessell, Tony Branson, John Glees, Charles Lowdell, Michael Moriarty, Mary Quigley, Mike Sokal, Margaret Spittle, Arthur SunMyint, Diana Tait, Wendy Taylor

Apologies: Thelma Bates, Roger Buchanan, Audrey Champion, David Cole, David Collins, Carmel Coulter, Amandeep Dhadda, Peter Dunlop, Ros Eeles, James Gildersleve, Clive Irwin, Malcolm Mason, Natasha Mithal, Dave Morgan, Jonathan Nicoll, Alan Rodger.