Henley, May 2018

Minutes of the Henley Meeting

Our President, John Glees, thanked James Gildersleve for arranging such a stimulating and at times amusing scientific programme (click here). He also congratulated James on the riverside venue for our accommodation and the meeting. James had also kindly arranged sponsorship from Spire Dunedin and GenesisCare. John added his thanks to them for their support of the Society.
John then went on to welcome Liza Macdonald to her first meeting of the Society and added his hope that she would be a regular at our future meetings.

The secretary asked whether there were any suggestions for new members. The following were proposed:

1 .Ricky Sharma, UCL
2. Susan Lalondrelle, Royal Marsden
3. Nicola Storey, Newcastle
The secretary agreed that he would write to these proposed members and invite them to our next meeting.

Minutes of the Japan meeting October 2017
The secretary reminded members of the Japan meeting, the Minutes of which had been circulated. He mentioned in particular the presentations of eight young Japanese oncologists and praised the standard of their talks. He also described the visit to the Proton facility in Nagoya, which was a remarkable experience. Five CPD points were awarded for this meeting.

Society website (www.rad51.org)
The secretary indicated that he had heard from Dave Morgan indicating that he wished to give up the management of the website. There followed considerable discussion of the future of the website. It was clear from this that many members did not use the website, although those who did, commented how good they thought the site was. There then followed a discussion about the future of the website. It was felt that linking into social media might attract younger members, but no-one considered that they had the necessary expertise to take this on personally. A proposed solution was that James Gildersleve’s daughter might take on the management with initial input from James, but perhaps at a later stage from the secretary. James’s daughter already has experience of running websites and using social media. It was agreed that this solution could be reviewed at our next meeting, with further input from Dave Morgan.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
The secretary reminded the meeting that the Data Protection Act of 1998 is being replaced by GDPR, coming into force on 25th May 2018. The secretary indicated that he would be sending out a form to members asking them to positively reply that they were content for the organisation to retain basic personal data for the purposes of the running of the Society.

Society Accounts
Our treasurer, Eric Bessell, presented the accounts of the Society. He pointed out that there were in fact two accounts. Firstly, a money manager savings account, which contained a total of £8000 and a current account, containing £8500. The majority of the costs of the Henley meeting had not yet been taken out of the current account, but money had been received from some members at the meeting, which would be paid into the current account after the meeting.

Future Meetings

Autumn Meeting. November 16th/17th 2018
Our next meeting will be held at Stratford, hosted by Clive Irwin. This will be the 10th anniversary of the formation of our joint Society. Clive is already well advanced with the organisation of the meeting .

Overseas Meeting. January 19th to February 3rd 2019.
Sunny presented the outstanding programme he has arranged for the Society visit to Myanmar early in 2019. For those interested in making the trip a separate meeting was to be held after the business meeting.

Spring Meeting 2019. Newport, hosted by Karol Sikora and Roger Taylor.

Autumn Meeting 2019. Birmingham, hosted by Indy Fernando

In relationship to these meetings, discussion was held on the future of overseas meetings. There was general agreement that we should not have long haul overseas visits for the time being and that, if we were to visit to visit Centres elsewhere, we should concentrate on Europe, as it is clearly difficult for many members to attend long distance overseas meetings.

Secretary’s position
Sid Arnott pointed out that he will be standing down as Secretary after the Myanmar meeting, but was pleased to let everyone know that John Glaholm had kindly agreed to take on this role.

The secretary announced that the winner of the BMJ award for Cancer Care was the team at the Papillon Suite at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. He felt that this occasion was an extra special one as Sunny, the leader of the project received the award from another eminent member of our Society, Jane Maher, representing Macmillan Cancer Support, the category sponsor of this award.

Present: 29 Members
Sid Arnott, Saif Awaad, Thelma Bates, Eric Bessell, Audrey Champion, Carmel Coulter, Peter Dunlop, Ros Eeles, James Gildersleve, John Glaholm, John Glees, Claire Hobbs, Robert Huddart, Clive Irwin, Theo Joannides, Liza Macdonald, Craig MacMillan, Jane Maher, Natasha Mithal, Jonathan Nicoll, Mary Quigley, Alan Rodger, Karol Sikora, Michael Sokal, Margaret Spittle, Sunny SunMyint, Diana Tait, Roger Taylor, Wendy Taylor,

Apologies: 11 Members
Roger Buchanan, David Cole, Sian Davies, Doug Errington, Bob Grieve, Robin Hunter, Indy Fernando Ian Kunkler, Dave Morgan, Michael Moriarty, Noelle O’Rourke.