Manchester, May 2013

Minutes of the Rad/51 Spring meeting April 2013 in Manchester

John Glees, the President welcomed the 24 members present. He then thanked Wendy Makin for organising such a stimulating and thought provoking meeting, which had been enjoyed by all. (The Scientific Programme is available on a separate page – click here).

New Members
Only one new member was able to attend, Dr Vivek Misra, from Manchester, who had in fact taken part in the organisation of the meeting.
John Glees proposed that Diana Arnott be made an honorary member of the Society, in view of the contribution that she is making to the running of the Society. This was passed unanimously

Apologies were received from twenty three members whose names were read out by the Secretary.

Proposed new Members
The secretary had received apologies from three prospective new members who were unable to attend. They will be invited to the next meeting to be held in Nice. All present were asked if they would think of colleagues who might be interested in joining the Society, so that their names could be discussed at the next meeting.
At present there are between 50 and 60 active members of the Society. There are a further 17 names on the current membership list from whom we have not heard recently. An approach will be made to these members to ask if they wish to remain as part of the new merged Society.

Change of emphasis of the Society
Dave Morgan presented his proposal of the need for a change in direction of the joint Society. He reiterated his idea which had been discussed and approved at the Mumbai Meeting in November 2012. This has already been circulated to members, but it was felt that it should be discussed further in the presence a larger number of members. The proposal was accepted whole heartedly and therefore in future there will be usually only one UK meeting a year, with overseas meetings to be held in addition at regular intervals.

Bank accounts
Sadly Peter Dunlop and Trevor Roberts were unable to be present. They are the signatories of the frozen Rad Society account, which contains approximately £1800. John Glees had spoken to Peter Dunlop prior to the meeting and was informed that Peter and Trevor will visit the bank as soon as possible in order to unfreeze the account. Thereafter the accounts of the merged Societies will be amalgamated.
It was unanimously agreed that Sid Arnott (secretary) would be a co-signatory of the account of The Rad Society/The 1951 Radiotherapy Club along with Eric Bessell.

The secretary reminded members of the need to raise money each year to help fund both the UK and overseas meetings. It is now virtually impossible to gain any funding from commercial companies for meetings. All are reminded that the annual subscription (£30) is now due and payable by everyone including retired members. For those who have not yet paid or set up a standing order the bank details can be obtained from the treasurer (Eric Bessell) or the Secretary (Sid Arnott).

Web Site
There was some discussion about the setting up of a Society web site. There was general support for this idea and Dave Morgan has agreed to take this forward together with Eric Bessell.

The Rad Society emblem has now reappeared and is in the safe custody of Sid Arnott.

Future Meetings

Autumn 2013
The next meeting of the group will be held in Nice on the weekend of 1st -3rd November 2013. The Secretary read out the exciting programme which has been proposed by Professor Jean-Pierre Gerard. Sun Myint is having further discussions with Prof Gerard regarding the exact details and a joint scientific programme is being prepared. Details will be circulated shortly and it will be important for everyone to give their intention to attend by the middle of May. This is because of the need to block book rooms at the hotel together with restaurants for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Spring 2014. Noelle O’Rourke and Hosney Yosef have kindly agreed to host the next UK meeting in Glasgow in April or May 2014.

Autumn 2014. Singapore and Bangkok have both been suggested as possible venues.

Spring 2015. David Sebag-Montefiore has kindly agreed to host a meeting in Leeds.


1. Congratulations were extended to Sunny who has been awarded a personal Chair in Oncology at Clatterbridge.
It was the wish of the group to also extend congratulations to David Sebag- Montefiore who
has been appointed to the Burton Chair of Oncology in Leeds.

2. Application is being made to the College for recognition of the meeting for CPD. Catherine Coyle has kindly agreed to undertake this.

Sid Arnott
020 8991 0858

Post Script: The RCR approved this meeting for 2 units of CPD

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