Mumbai, November 2012

Minutes of the Rad/51 Autumn meeting, November 2012, Mumbai

Present: Dr John Glees and 12 Members

A vote of thanks was given to John Glees for arranging such a fascinating Meeting in India. A particular highlight had been an impressive visit to the Cancer Centre in the Tata Hospital in Mumbai, where the sheer scale of work carried out there was an eye-opener to everyone. The fact that such high quality work was being carried out in these circumstances was a tribute to all concerned.
Thanks were also given to John Glees, Sunny Myint and Diana Tait for their contributions to the scientific meeting which was held at the Tata Hospital.
The majority of the remainder of the meeting was devoted to a discussion on the future of the Society, which had been introduced by a discussion paper circulated by Dave Morgan. It was made clear, that based on recent Meetings of the Society, there is only a hard core of regular attendees. The consensus of the Meeting was that it was imperative to encourage new members to join and that people on the existing register should be asked if they wished to continue as members. It was hoped that this would lead to the production of a reliable, up to date contact list of active members. Therefore all members are urged to ask like-minded colleagues in their respective departments if they would like to join and they should be invited to attend the next Meeting in April 2013.

Wendy Makin has kindly agreed to host a Meeting in Manchester on either 13th or 27th April 2013, the final date will be confirmed in the near future.

The Secretary’s position is quite time consuming and it was felt that in the current climate this post would be more easily managed by a retired member. Sid Arnott agreed to become the new secretary, but would discuss this with Clive Irwin to obtain his views and support. Clive has since been contacted and is happy to relinquish the secretary’s position. We thank him for the great deal of effort he has put into the role of secretary and for the many hours he has devoted to it.

The general feeling of the meeting was that the Society could not continue in it’s present format, largely on account of the demands made on consultants by the Health Service. It is therefore proposed that the emphasis of the Society be changed to that of a Visiting Club, with only one meeting held in the UK each year and regular overseas Meetings organised. The overseas meetings that have been held so far have proved very successful and it was felt that donations from the Society’s reserves could be made to the host department to facilitate a Meeting.

It is therefore proposed that we should aim to hold the Autumn 2013 Meeting in Nice. Sunny Myint will write to Prof. J-P Gerard to ask if he would host this. In return we would like to offer Prof Gerard Honorary Membership of the Society. A small overseas working group will therefore be created consisting of the President, Secretary and an overseas Meetings co-ordinator. Dave Morgan has kindly agreed to fill this post. However all members are most welcome to make suggestions to this group at any time nominating potential centres to visit.

A further suggestion was that members should be asked for their opinions regarding the format of future meetings, e.g – should they be held only on a Saturday, or should we try to spend more time together such as on a Friday evening or Sunday?

Sid Arnott has been asked to explore the possibility of establishing a Society website. This might provide a focus for comments from Members and a medium for maintaining contact.

Sid Arnott Secretary. e-mail -:
Phone -: 020 8991 0858

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