Geneva (with CERN visit): A Weasel Ate the Higg’s Boson!

A very exciting, and VERY well-attended, meeting was held in Geneva from 29th April to 1st May 2016. The Society members and guests all stayed in the splendid Hotel Kempinski, on the Geneva waterfront. A reception buffet was held there on the Friday evening.

A sunny Saturday morning gave us a chance to take a stroll along the embankment, or to otherwise enjoy Geneva. In the afternoon, a visit took place to the world famous particle accelerator facility of CERN. (Details of programme of the whole meeting- click here).

The CERN visit lasted about three hours, and replaced the usual Scientific Meeting. Unfortunately, on the evening before our visit some serious damage had been done to the installation by a pine marten (a kind of weasel), which had gnawed through a major power cable! As a result of this, the Higg’s Boson was not seen during our visit.

On an overcast Sunday morning a boat trip on the lake took us to the medieval village of Yvoire, on the French bank; despite the weather, the beauty of the scenery was striking. In Yvoire we had a superb lunch in a lakeside restaurant with delicious fish (perch) from the lake as the main course.

Those with hearty appetites enjoyed a fondue meal in the Restaurant Savies on Sunday evening.

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