Secretary’s Notes from Geneva Meeting

Rad51 Society Meeting April 29th – May 2nd 2016

The Spring 2016 meeting of the Society was held in Geneva from 29th April to 2nd May. The main purpose of the meeting was to visit CERN on Saturday 30th April.

The visit commenced with an outstanding lecture from Professor Steve Myers, previously Head of Accelerators at CERN. He skilfully explained the workings of CERN and how it came about that the existence of the Higgs’ Bosun was demonstrated. He then discussed the various clinical applications that benefitted from the work being carried out at CERN. His talk was followed by a lively period of discussion, which even extended to the possible implications of Brexit on the United Kingdom’s role at CERN.

Following this, we had an opportunity to see the main control room of the whole CERN project and to have demonstrations of the workings of the accelerator and the methods by which particles were accelerated and the ways in which experiments were conducted.

We also had the opportunity to see how CERN was collaborating with the international space station in a variety of research projects.

A fascinating afternoon was enjoyed by one and all. We did have the added benefit of the presence and help of Bleddyn Jones, a previous member of the Rad Society, who now spends time each month working at CERN.

In view of the time spent at CERN, it was not appropriate to have a business meeting, hence there are no formal minutes. However on the previous evening, Sid Arnott announced that he would be resigning from the Secretary’s position following the Leeds meeting at the end of the year. Audrey Champion has kindly agreed to take on this role and so she will be very much involved in the Spring meeting of 2017, to be held in Japan organised by our President, John Glees.

Please note that the Leeds meeting is now confirmed as taking place on the weekend of 18th/19th November 2016, organised by David Sebag-Montefiore.

The Japan meeting is likely to be held at the end of March/early April 2017. A further date for your diaries.

As soon as further details on both these meetings become available I will let you know.

An application will be made for CPD points for the CERN meeting.

25 Members attended:

Sid Arnott. Eric Bessell. Tony Branson. Roger Buchanan. Audrey Champion. David Cole. David Collins.
Carmel Coulter. Sian Davies. Ros Eeles. James Gildersleve. John Glees. Clive Irwin. Theo Joannides. Jane Maher. David Morgan. Michael Moriarty. Jonathan Nicoll. Mary Quigley. Alan Rodger. Mike Sokal. Margaret Spittle. Diana Tait. Wendy Taylor. (Bleddyn Jones)

14 Apologies were received from:

Saif Awwad. Thelma Bates. Peter Dunlop. Doug Errington. John Glaholm. Bob Grieve. David Guthrie. Robin Hunter. Ian Kunkler. Charles Lowdell. Wendy Makin. Sunny Myint. Noelle O’Rourke. Roger Taylor.