Royal Marsden, June 2015

Minutes of the Spring Meeting, Royal Marsden Hospital, June 6th 2015

The Chairman, John Glees, thanked Diana Tait and John Glaholm for organising such a stimulating scientific programme together with a most enjoyable social programme. A total of 25 members attended the meeting and apologies were received from a further 20.

New Members
John then welcomed two new members to the Society who were attending for the first time: Indy Fernando from Birmingham and Ros Eeles from the Royal Marsden. As is the tradition with new members, they were asked to withdraw so that their membership could be discussed. Both were voted unanimously to become members of the Society. They were then welcomed back to join the business meeting.

Bangkok Minutes
The secretary presented the Minutes of the tremendously successful meeting in Bangkok, which had previously been circulated. Members were reminded that Trevor Roberts had sadly died shortly before the Bangkok meeting and that Tony Branson had provided a most touching tribute to him.

At present, membership of the Society stands at a total of 58 including the new members attending the meeting. The secretary further pointed out that he had written to those on the membership list, from whom he had not heard anything during the time he had been secretary, asking if they wished to continue as members. Five members resigned in response to this communication, with some very positive comments about the Society, but a further seven did not respond. There have been several requests asking for an updated membership list and the secretary indicated that he would be circulating this shortly.
The secretary also pointed out that he had received an e-mail from Derek Edwards, who was one of the founder members of the Rad Society and was secretary for many years. He is currently living in Australia but had come across the Society website which stimulated him to be in touch. David Cole described a recent meeting he had had with Alistair Laing, also a long standing member of the Rad Society. Alistair sent his very best wishes to the current joint Society as did Bill Jones who has recently resigned.

New Members
The following new members were proposed:

Karen Foweraker from Nottingham. Proposed by Eric Bessell and seconded by Mike Sokal.

Denise Hrouda from Coventry. Proposed by Clive Irwin and seconded by Craig MacMillan

Robert Huddart from the Royal Marsden. Proposed by John Glees, seconded by John Glaholm.

Three other new members have also previously been invited but so far have been unable to attend. They will all be invited to the next meeting of the Society in Newcastle. They are Rhona McMenemin, Kathryn Wright and Kate Newbold.
When proposing new members the geographical distribution of the membership should be considered. We currently have little coverage in the South West of England, the South coast and East Anglia.
The question of admitting European Oncologists to the Society was raised. At present such Oncologists are admitted as honorary members only after they have made a significant contribution to the Society, such as hosting a meeting in their respective Centre. After a lively discussion a vote on this matter was taken and it was agreed that the status quo should remain.

Future Meetings

Autumn 2015 Newcastle
The next meeting of the Society will be held in Newcastle from 20th to 22nd November 2015, hosted by Wendy Taylor and Tony Branson. Arrangements for this are already well advanced. Members were reminded that, at this meeting, the Trevor Roberts Memorial lecture will be given by Professor Reg Hall.

Spring 2016 CERN Geneva
It is hoped that it will be possible to arrange a meeting at CERN next year. Discussions are taking place with Professor Bleddyn Jones, a former member of the Rad Society, who is currently spending some time working at CERN. As soon as further details are available these will be circulated to members.

Autumn 2016
It is hoped that a UK meeting will be arranged in a Centre yet to be decided. Discussions about this are currently taking place and again, once a decision has been finalised, members will be circulated.

Spring 2017. Japan.
John Glees is at present in discussions about holding a meeting in Nagoya, Japan, with Dr Katsura Kosaki.

Annual fees
The treasurer reminded members of the need to pay their subscriptions which help towards funding our meetings. Standing orders for the £30 fee would be preferred.

Diana Tait indicated that CPD points for the Marsden Meeting had been applied for and will be circulated when granted.

Attendees: Sid Arnott, Thelma Bates, Eric Bessell, Tony Branson, David Cole, Sian Davies, Peter Dunlop, Doug Errington, James Gildersleve, John Glaholm, John Glees, Robin Hunter, Clive Irwin, Theo Joannides, Craig MacMillan, Michael Moriarty, Sunny Myint, Mary Quigley, Mike Sokal, Margaret Spittle, Diana Tait, Wendy Taylor, Hosney Yosef, Indy Fernando, Ros Eeles.

Apologies: Rajiv Agrawal, Saif Awaad, Audrey Champion, David Collins, Paul Cornes, Carmel Coulter, Perric Crellin, Amandeep Dhadda, Chris Elwell, Bob Grieve, David Guthrie, Ian Kunkler, Jane Maher, Wendy Makin, Dave Morgan, Jonathan Nicoll, Peter Ostler, Kash Purohit, Alan Rodger, Roger Taylor.


Some pictures from the weekend have been kindly provided by Dr James Gildersleve:
Photo 1 Photo 2

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