Milton Keynes, June 2017

Minutes of the Spring Meeting, Milton Keynes, June 3rd 2017

Our Chairman, John Glees, thanked Craig Macmillan and Genesiscare for delivering such an outstanding scientific programme. John also thanked Genesiscare for their generous hospitality over the weekend.

25 members attended and apologies were received from a further 19 (see lists below).

CPD Allocation

The system regarding the awarding of CPD points has changed and is now totally self-regulated. Guidance has been given about the number of CPD points that may be awarded according to the number of hours of scientific content provided. Therefore 3 CPD points have been allocated to this meeting.

Welcome to new members

It was with great pleasure that the secretary presented Claire Blesing from Oxford and Natasha Mithal from Maidstone. They were both welcomed enthusiastically by those members present.


The secretary then indicated that sadly he had received a letter of resignation from David Guthrie, a long standing member of the 51 Club and subsequently of the Rad51 Society. David had indicated that because of medical problems he felt unable to guarantee that he could attend future meetings. However the secretary pointed out that he would continue to include David in future mailings so that if at any time he felt able to attend he would know that he would be most welcome.

Minutes of Leeds meeting

The minutes of the very successful meeting in Leeds were then presented and it was confirmed that 3 CPD points had been awarded.

Future meetings:

Autumn 2017 Japan
The date of this meeting was confirmed as October 30th 2017 and it was agreed that a separate meeting, specifically to discuss Japan would be held later in the afternoon. Separate minutes of this meeting will be circulated to those who have expressed interest in going to Japan.

Spring 2018 Henley
James Gildersleve kindly agreed to host a meeting in the Spring of 2018, probably based in Henley. Members of the Rad Society will remember the most successful meeting that James organised about 15 years ago.

Autumn 2018 Worcester
Clive Irwin has agreed to host a meeting in Worcester, a centre which has recently been established. We are all most grateful to him for so kindly taking this on.

January/February 2019 Myanmar
By popular demand Sunny has bravely taken on the role of host for a meeting to be held in Myanmar in early 2019. I know this meeting is a long way ahead, but it is important for the complex arrangements that Sunny will have to make that he knows as soon as possible those of you who may be interested in making this visit. Could you therefore let me know your notes of interest.

Further future meetings are planned for:
Birmingham (Indy Fernando)
Hull (Amandeep Dhadda)
Queens/Barts (Mary Quigley)

Future Secretary

Sid mentioned that it was probably time that he gave up the role of secretary. He has agreed to continue until after the Myanmar meeting, but at that stage it will be necessary to find a successor.


Membership Fees

Once again Sid asked members to remember the annual fee of £30. A number present had already set up standing orders, but that still left a number who had not paid. A plea was made for those failing in their duty to cough up.

List of Members

Peter Dunlop pointed out that in the past a list of all the members of the Rad Society was circulated to everyone on an annual basis, together with partner’s names, addresses, and work place. He wondered whether this might not be a good idea for our joint Society. Sid pointed out that he sent all correspondence with hidden copies because of data protection. He asked those present if they would have any objections to having their e-mail addresses circulated on a spread sheet. There was general agreement that this would be a good idea.

Prior to doing this Sid felt he should ask the full membership for their views.

Wendy Makin

Robin Hunter spoke to the meeting to let them know of the very sad death of Toby Makin, Wendy and Andrew’s son. Those present were noticeably affected by this news and it was felt that John, our Chairman should write to Wendy and Andrew expressing our condolences and offering support. John will arrange for flowers to be sent to them.

Rajiv Agrawal, Sid Arnott, Saif Awwad, Eric Bessell, Claire Blesing, Tony Branson, Audrey Champion, David Cole, Sian Davies, Peter Dunlop, Doug Errington, Indy Fernando, James Gildersleve, John Glaholm, John Glees, Robert Huddart, Robin Hunter, Jane Maher, Natasha Mithal, Sunny, Craig Macmillan, Mary Quigley, Mike Sokal, Diana Tait, Wendy Taylor.

Thelma Bates, Roger Buchanan, Carmel Coulter, Amandeep Dhadda, Ros Eeles, Chris Elwell, Bob Grieve, David Guthrie, Clive Irwin, Theo Joannides, Wendy Makin, Malcolm Mason, Dave Morgan, Michael Moriarty, Alan Rodger, David Sebag-Montefiore, Margaret Spittle, Roger Taylor, Hosney Yosef.