Minutes of Newport Meeting

John Glees, our President, thanked Karol and Roger for organising such a fascinating scientific programme.  Thanks were also given to the Rutherford Cancer Centre and Proton Partners for the support they had given to the meeting.


Once again we had a very good turn out, with 25 members attending the meeting.  Apologies were received from a further 16, which confirms the interest we have in the Society at present. 

Malcolm Mason was welcomed to his first meeting as a newly elected member.  Apologies were received from two further new members who were unable to attend.  These were Trish Fisher and Sandra Tinkler. We hope we will be able to welcome them as new members at a future meeting soon. 

Although the Society is very successful at the present time the secretary reminded members that we do need to continue to find new members who are actively working, if we wish to continue with the current format of meetings which are hosted at individual members Centres.  He also pointed out that it would be a good idea to consider members who would be based in those centres where, at present, we do not have any representation. 

Notes of the Myanmar Meeting 2019.

The secretary reminded members of the notes of the Myanmar meeting, which had already been circulated. What was quite evident, to those who took part in that visit, was the gratitude shown by those at the Yangon General Hospital, who indicated how much they had benefited by listening to the high standard presentations given by our team and also the opportunity to be able to discuss, on a face to face basis, patient management. 

Minutes of the Stratford meeting November 2018

Again the secretary drew members’ attention to the Minutes of the Stratford meeting which also had been circulated. The significance of that meeting was that it celebrated the 10th anniversary of the formation of our joint Society.  It was indeed a meeting worthy of this milestone.

Society Finances

Our treasurer, Eric, pointed out that our financial position is secure at the present time.  However it was pointed out that the Society gives financial support to each individual meeting and therefore it was still necessary to continue to collect the nominal annual membership fee. 

Future meetings

Our next meeting is to be held in Birmingham during the weekend of 22nd to 24th November 2019.  This will be hosted by Indy Fernando.  A special rate of £112 for double occupancy and £99 for single occupancy has been arranged at the Hilton Hotel.  A separate note will be sent out giving the booking details including a reservation code.

Unfortunately, Amandeep is unable to host the Spring meeting next year in Hull,  therefore our new secretary will be looking to others to fill this gap as soon as possible.   

Welcome to new secretary

Sid welcomed John Glaholm, who now takes over as secretary of the Society and wished him well for the future.  Thanks were expressed by different members to Sid on his last appearance as secretary. A tribute to our outgoing secretary, Sid Arnott, can be found here


A proposal was put to the meeting that individual e-mail addresses should be circulated to other members to facilitate communication between us all.  The secretary agreed to circulate this to the whole membership to enable individual members to express their wishes. It was felt that this was necessary in view of current GDPR regulations. 

Members Present:

Sid Arnott, Saif Awwad, Thelma Bates, Eric Bessell, Roger Buchanan, Audrey Champion, David Cole, Carmel Coulter, Sian Davies, Peter Dunlop, Indy Fernando, John Glaholm, John Glees, Robin Hunter, Clive Irwin, Craig Macmillan, Malcolm Mason, Dave Morgan, Michael Moriarty, Karol Sikora, Mike Sokal, Arthur Sunmyint, Diana Tait, Roger Taylor, Wendy Taylor.  (25)


Tony Branson, Ros Eeles, Doug Errington, Patricia Fisher, James Gildersleve, Claire Hobbs, Theo Joannides, Ian Kunkler, Jane Maher, Wendy Makin, Natasha Mithal, Jonathan Nicoll, Mary Quigley, Alan Rodger, Margaret Spittle, Sandra Tinkler.  (16)